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Architecture, Engineering, and Design services are critical components to the successful completion of any construction project. BGA provides all these services in the following steps:

STUDIES - All projects are initiated by our clients in order to fulfill a particular need or to solve a problem. During the study phase of a project BGA will assist our clients with identifying their needs, defining possible alternative solutions and evaluating the alternatives based on client formulated criteria. The extent of these studies will vary from client to client, but may include evaluations of technical and financial feasibilities, evaluations of existing resources and physical conditions, and evaluations of maintenance and operating practices.

CONCEPTUAL DESIGNS - During the conceptual design phase of the project the selected scheme is further developed. Particular equipment and materials are considered and finalized, and the preliminary physical arrangement is formulated. Based on the conceptual design, a budgetary cost estimate can be prepared using equipment vendor quotations, preliminary bills of materials, and installation unit pricing. The overall project schedule to construct the design is also developed based on the design concept.

CONSTRUCTION PACKAGE PREPARATION - From the approved conceptual design, the documents necessary to purchase equipment and to complete the installation are finalized. The construction documents will generally consist of specifications, drawings and bills of materials. If construction services are to be provided, separate packages will be prepared for each of the major subcontractors. During the preparation of drawings and specifications, regular reviews are performed to assure the designs provided to the client are cost effective and include the necessary allowances for maintenance and operations.

CONSTRUCTION SERVICES - The extent of the construction services to be provided will vary from limited engineering support of the construction effort to contract administration or direct management of the construction effort. BGA is prepared to be directly responsible for the implementation and the performance of our designs. Our staff has extensive experience in equipment fabrication, installation and testing of facilities and electrical and mechanical systems. Construction management services can include project cost control, scheduling, contract administration, procurement and expediting.

POST INSTALLATION SERVICES - After the construction of any project, the owner is now faced with the operation and maintenance of new equipment, systems and facilities. This can range from complete buildings to changes in the control of individual equipment. The services offered by our staff include training program preparation, operator training, preparation of maintenance programs, and facility operation optimization.

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