About Us - About BGA, LLC

The scope of services offered by BGA ranges from complex design build projects to small, specialized studies and tasks. The basic building block used to make a successful project is the discipline task. Utilization of the discipline approach allows the discipline supervisor to devote the assets and attention necessary for successful results. When the project consists of a limited task, success is assured. When the project is more complex, BGA utilizes project management to coordinate and integrate the tasks and disciplines. This is accomplished by assigning a project engineer from the primary discipline to lead the effort and assemble the building blocks into a successful project.

We believe in our company culture of providing:

  • Quality of service through dedication of effort
  • Satisfaction to our clients in the technical product and services
  • Safety of employees, clients and the public
  • Integrity in how we treat our clients and staff
  • On time and on budget project performance, through effective project management
  • The correct application of technology for optimum efficiency & operation

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