About Us - Mission Statement

BGA, LLC ( BGA ) is a full service engineering/architectural design and construction management firm providing our clients with total solutions for their project needs. Headquartered in northern New Jersey, we provide technical services to national clients through our associated offices.

At BGA we believe the key to success is working with our clients to define the correct technical staff and resources necessary to assure each project phase can be executed within the client’s guidelines. This requires technical personnel with a depth of experience in all phases of project execution.

At BGA we provide detailed planning of the project technical requirements and appropriate manpower scheduling before any work is begun.

At BGA staffing the project with licensed professionals in all disciplines necessary to assure the technical quality of all work is a must.

At BGA all designs and studies are reviewed for maintainability, constructability and operability.

At BGA all projects have a planned program of design review and verification.

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