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BGA's licensed architectural staff provides complete architectural services in support of our projects. This work varies from complete facility design to interior renovations. Services provided by BGA may generally be divided into the five traditional phases standard to architecture.


Just as every project differs from those previous to it, there always exists a range of solutions worthy of consideration for any individual project. BGA is prepared to respond to a program furnished by the client or, where appropriate, to perform the necessary research and data-gathering to generate the program. Under this phase of our work we will translate the written program into graphic concepts and offer preliminary analysis of the physical and budgetary implications.


The conceptual approach to a project is refined during this phase of our work. Aesthetic, environmental and code issues are examined during this phase through interaction with our consultants. Alternative solutions are evaluated and a final direction for the project design is established.


Clarity, accuracy and quality control are our principal goals during this phase of the work. Extensive resources will be applied to assure complete coordination of our work with that of our consultants and to confirm that the client can have complete confidence that their needs are being best served by the selected design. The Drawings and Technical Specifications prepared have repeatedly proven to be comprehensive, well coordinated and, most importantly, indicative of a thorough familiarity with construction industry practice and realistic standards of "constructability".


When required by the client, we are prepared to assist in the development of preparation of agreements and negotiation of construction contracts for work designed by our firm. Our experience with institutional and governmental clients as well as large private developers and owners has made us sensitive to the legal issues and technical details of protocol which must be observed to advance our projects.


BGA's staff have an outstanding depth of experience in this aspect of Architectural/Engineering practice. We are able to maintain professional relationships with contractors that foster the types of communication and cooperation critical to the success of any project.

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