Markets - Structural / Architectural

Our licensed Architectural staff provides complete architectural services in support of our projects. This work varies from complete facility design to interior renovations. Services provided by BGA may generally be divided into the five traditional phases standard to architecture.

  • Construction Documents
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Bidding and Negotiation
  • Contract Administration

BGA provides complete Civil and Structural engineering services from initial concept to final design, including preparation and/or review of all contract drawings and specifica tions, review of contractor and vendor shop draw ings, construction adminis tration and management.

BGA’s civil engineers are experienced in the planning, design and preparation of plans and specification for land development sitework. This includes storm water management, soil erosion and sedimentation control, grading, utilities, parking lots and environmental presentations.

The structural engineering of the group varies from structural steel and concrete buildings to specialty structures such as concrete mats and masonry structures to radio towers.

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