The scope of services offered by BGA ranges from complete design build projects to small, specialized studies and tasks. The basic building block used to make a successful project is the discipline task. Utilization of the discipline approach allows the discipline supervisor to devote the assets and attention necessary for successful results. When the project consists of a limited task, success is assured. When the project is more complex, BGA utilizes project management to coordinate and integrate the tasks and disciplines. This is accomplished by assigning a project engineer from the primary discipline to lead the effort and assemble the building blocks into a successful project.

The following summaries provide overviews of our disciplines' qualifications and examples of our specialized capabilities. Summaries that illustrate the extent of our successful projects are included in the following section.

ELECTRICAL, INSTRUMENTAL & CONTROLS - BGA's Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls department is composed of experienced engineers and designers that are versed in all aspects of electrical, instrumentation and controls requirements for substations, fossil plants, transmission and distribution, industrial and nuclear power. The expertise of the staff ranges from conceptual engineering to detailed design; from preparing specifications to field support during construction and startup.

MECHANICAL - The Mechanical Engineering Department provides a complete range of engineering and design services for cogeneration, nuclear and fossil power, process, and industrial installations.

CIVIL/STRUCTURAL - BGA provides complete civil and structural engineering services from initial concept to final design, including preparation and/or review of all contract drawings and specifications, review of contractor and vendor shop drawings, construction administration and management.

ARCHITECTURAL - BGA's licensed architectural staff provides complete architectural services in support of our projects. This work varies from complete facility design to interior renovations. Services provided by BGA may generally be divided into the five traditional phases standard to architecture.

SPECIALTY ENGINEERING - Since our inception, the BGA staff has been at the head of the industry in the area of piping analysis and support design, including the design of systems for facilities ranging from nuclear power plants to commercial buildings. Our experience includes the analysis of steam piping for deadweight, thermal expansion, wind, anchor point motions, seismic, vibration, steam and water hammer, ship motion and loadings in accordance with the ASME Section III and the B31.1 and B31 Codes. In addition to hand and computer static analysis, the BGA staff has performed dynamic analyses using the modal response spectrum and time history methods.

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