Projects - Electrical

Pathmark Solar

BGA embarked on a project to install solar panel on multiple store locations in various locations throughout the State of New Jersey.

To accomplish this, BGA worked with a Solar Installer, a Solar Integrator, and Pathmark Senior Management to install nearly a Megawatt of clean, green solar power.

BGA provided the following services:

  • Analyzing the roofs to see if they have the structural capacity to add the weight of the solar panels
  • Determining if the roof condition is adequate to add solar panels
  • Determine if there were any existing interferences that would cause shading of the panels
  • Determine if a Electrical Interconnection to the main power panel is possible
  • Provided a detailed construction package
  • Provided field support to the installers, and worked with the local utilities, inspectors and fire officials to obtain all permits and allow for the electrical interconnections to proceed

Now all the locations we provided a customized Engineering and Design solution for now take advantage of electricity that is clean and emission free. In addition to the panels being environmentally friendly, this project has saved Pathmark hundreds of thousands of dollars in electrical bills, especially during the peak hours in the summer where they used to get charged with high demand rates.

Replacement of Several Unit Substations

A utility client of BGA was interested in replacing several old Unit Substations in one of their generating stations. This equipment was over 60 years old and in need of replacement.

BGA worked with our Client and with the manufacturer of the new equipment (Eaton) to provide a custom solution. Our client wanted to replace the existing substations with a new substation that contained a larger transformer, new disconnect and ground switches on the 15kV side to allow for disconnect from the existing riser, and new state of the art remote controls that could be interfaced with a Emerson DCS system. In addition, the existing manual controls was to be replaced identically. And all of this had to fit into the same physical space that the old substation did.

BGA worked with Eaton on the internal design of the new switchgear, transformer, potheads, ground switch and disconnect switch to get a piece of equipment that was customized for this space. To rig the equipment into place, BGA worked closely with Eaton to design the switchgear sections to be tilted at an angle and brought into place. The transformer was stripped of its enclosure and bus work, and was able to fit below interferences such as low running pipes and conduits.

NRG – Arthur Kill Station

Arthur Kill had purchased a used Air Compressor as a replacement for an existing system. BGA was given the task to come up with new control logic and integrate this into the existing plant design. BGA provided a new relay logic diagram, and provided plans to re-establish the old controls using new relays, and minimized cost to the client by not purchasing any new control equipment from a manufacturer.

Con Edison

Replacement of 125V and 48V DC systems at various Generating and Substations. BGA has been awarded several contracts to replace older equipment at various substations and generating stations. BGA provided Con Edison with a temporary DC system design to allow Con Ed to replace the existing load boards, rectifiers and batteries, without any interruption to the critical station loads that require a DC supply.

Con Edison, Keyspan, and Others

Replacement of 69, 138 and 345kV Breakers. BGA provided several of our clients with engineering packages to perform the replacement of High Voltage Breakers at various Substations. BGA provided our clients with a removal, and installation set of drawings. We modified the foundations where required and reestablished all controls and protection on the new equipment.

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