The key to the success of any project is a clear understanding of the scope of the effort, the client’s intent for undertaking the project and any external factors that will affect the project’s execution. A successful project will require that all parties involved, the BGA staff, the client’s project team and the client’s operations personnel, participate as a team to assure success. Whether the scope of work is limited to a conceptual study or a turnkey design-build effort, all projects are begun with a client kick-off meeting to assure that all parties have a clear and consistent understanding of the scope of the effort, schedule constraints and operations, and scheduled maintenance considerations.

The BGA team will be lead by our Project Manager who will be the key representative to the client with complete authority to represent BGA on all project aspects. The project manager will lead the overall effort including client interface, project coordination and commercial aspects, and will provide regular reporting on the progress of our efforts. The Project Manager’s initial responsibility is to develop a project execution plan. The plan will provide the BGA management with a clear understanding of the project scope, staffing requirements, deliverables and schedule. The plan will then be submitted to the client to assure there is total agreement on how the project will be executed.

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