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BGA’s Electrical department consists of Engineers, Designers and Drafters, with a wide range of experience in many areas of Residential Lighting and Electrical applications. Whether the project consists of a simple lighting retrofit to a complex building control system, BGA has the knowledge to provide you with a customized solution that meets your needs.

BGA has worked on several different types of power and lighting systems. BGA has designed every type of indoor, outdoor lighting system. We have used various types of systems ranging from low voltage systems up to 480V lighting systems. We provide our clients with solutions for new power distribution systems no matter how large or small. BGA is very familiar with high voltage systems (4kV, 15kV) that are in use today at various commercial sites. We can provide simple upgrades, to large scale retrofit of all you distribution equipment. We can also provide you with solutions to make your system more efficient and reliable such as installing lightning suppression equipment and Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors.

BGA uses modeling software to design large lighting schemes, and we utilize Etap Electrical Software to perform complex Electrical Calculations, Load and Coordination studies. BGA understands that the NEC (National Electric Code) has many new requirements to meet such as Arc Flash Protections, COPS, and Selective Coordination. BGA provides all required calculations and analysis to meet these needs for our clients. BGA can also look at reducing your electrical costs by installing the latest energy efficient lighting, and we have experience in renewable technologies, diesel and gas generators, etc. that will reduce your dependence on power supplied via the grid.

In the area of building controls, BGA is familiar with many forms of control systems (such as PLC’s) that will allow our clients to monitor and control their electrical systems from a simple computer based interface.

BGA will create and/or modify your existing drawings of your facilities (one lines, panel schedules, lighting/power plans, etc.) to help your maintenance staff identify where all electrical feeds are located. We also support your contractors in performing upgrades on your facility. BGA works with many utilities, local inspectors and fire officials to help you obtain all necessary permits required to operate new equipment.

BGA provides a very diverse experience base that allows us to pursue wide range of projects. Our strong commitment to our clients ensures that they receive the product they want in a timely, cost effective manner and at a consistently high quality level.

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