Projects - Civil/Structural

York Substation - The York Substation was designed to be built in the existing Con Edison 74th St Power Generating Station. The vacated space of the retired Frequency Changers and Turbo Generator Units will house the new substation.

The new 138kV– 13.8kV York Substation was designed to include four (4) transformer bank vaults, a Superconductor Cryogenics vault, Switchgear and Capacitor Banks. Design Alterations included four new floors. This station included: an Oil Water Separator, a Control Room, an Electrical Closet, a security room, (2) HV Test Rooms, a Computer Room, Storage, a Fire Pump/Water Meter, Testing, (2) Communication, Bathrooms with lockers, a Break Room, and (2) Battery Rooms with associated rectifier rooms.

The building design was based on the New York City Building Code and local codes and standards.

  1. Architectural design included building, floor and roof plans, building elevations and sections, wall sections, schedules and construction details. Enlarged plans sections were prepared for areas requiring greater detail such as the toilets and stairs. Schedules and installation details were also prepared for doors including roll-up doors, windows, roofing details and louvers. During the initial phase of the project, a Code and Zoning review was completed to assure all requirements for building construction type, egress and safety were met.
  2. Civil design included utility connections for potable water and sanitary systems, site layouts and construction details. Transformer vault drain system and floor drains for bathroom, break rooms, etc were designed. All transformer vault drainage was designed to be processed through an oil water separator.
  3. Structural design of the new substation (beams, hoist beams, rigging beams, columns, slabs, stairs, and roof deck) were designed to be composite steel framing system above EL 16’-6” with cast in place concrete construction below EL 16’-6”. The new substation was designed to be an independent structure from the existing 74th St. Building.

107 31st Street - Structural engineering for the design of a new 14 story steel framed residential tower.

Bay Terrace Shopping Center, Queens, NY - Design of new 100,000 sq. ft. multi-level garage.

BP Solar, Stevens Institute of Technology - Structural modification for installation of solar power system at University library and athletic complex.

Sun Edison, Wholefoods in Ridgewood, NJ - Structural modification and the design of the frame for the installation of a solar power system. This Installation was featured on a episode of PBS's Nova (Titled: Saved By the Sun) You can view this episode here at, and scroll to the 35:00 mark of the video.

City of Newark, Newark, NJ - Police Property Room structural inspection and design.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Concrete and steel renovations to various power plant facilities.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Design of architectural interior renovations to various substations.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Design of new multi-story electrical substation in Manhattan, NY.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Design of oil and rainwater runoff containment systems at various substations.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Design of reinforced concrete tunnel head structure, and intermediate platforms and stairs under 1st Avenue.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Interior renovations to the Greenburgh Workout Facility

Day's Hotel, Farmingville, NY - Structural design of 192-room Day's Hotel including indoor pool, restaurant and public meeting rooms.

Diesel USA, New York, NY - Structural engineering for new store at Lexington Avenue.

Dollar Rent-A-Car, New York, NY - Design of new 100,000 sq. ft. multi-level parking garage.

EKG, Marcus Blvd, Hauppauge, NY - New 60,000 sq. ft. multi-tenant commercial/ industrial building.

Fairfield Marriott, Long Island, NY - Design of a new three-story building for Fairfield Inn for Marriott.

Freeport School District Roof Joist Inspection, Long Island, NY - Structural engineering services for the inspection of the existing roof construction at the Freeport School District buildings in Freeport, Long Island, New York in order to determine the type of roof joist installed.

Global Computer Supplies, Industrial Park Drive, Port Washington, NY - 90,000 sq. ft. new building consisting of 20,000 sq. ft. of corporate and branch offices, 50,000 sq. ft. of warehousing and 20,000 sq. ft. garage space for computer supplies distributor.

Greystone Cooperative, Yonkers, NY - Evaluation and design of renovations to a 100,000 sq. ft. parking facility.

Ideal Warehouse, South Brunswick, NJ - New 108,000 sq. ft. high bay warehouse and distribution facility.

Luquer Street, Brooklyn, NY - Structural engineer for the design of a new 12 story reinforced concrete residential tower.

Natures Bounty, Bohemia, NY - Design of production facility building.

NBTY, Islip, NY - Renovations to six buildings of manufacturing, warehouse and offices totaling 350,000 sq. ft. for a leading manufacturer of natural vitamins.

Open Road, Car Dealerships, New Brunswick, NJ - Design for renovations and expansions for various car dealerships.

Outokumpu American Brass, Buffalo, NY - Design of clarification basin for settling of copper and zinc scale from initial concept to preparation of construction documents and O&M manuals.

Ridgewood Savings Bank, Long Island, NY - Design of a new freestanding branch bank.

Rothco, Islip, NY - Structural design of new warehouse and office complex.

Sleepy's, NY, NJ and Conn. - Structural engineering for design of new 150,000 square foot warehouses and distributions centers.

Wadsworth Terrace, New York, NY - Structural engineer for the design of a new 12 story reinforced concrete residential tower.

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