Services - Electrical, I & C

BGA's Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls department is composed of experienced engineers and designers that are versed in all aspects of electrical, instrumentation and controls requirements for substations, fossil plants, transmission and distribution, industrial and nuclear power. The expertise of the staff ranges from conceptual engineering to detailed design; from preparing specifications to field support during construction and startup.

In the area of Electrical Engineering, personnel are intimately familiar with the required electrical support for multi discipline projects in the areas of power and light for voltages between 120 V to 345 kV. For retrofit projects, the staff is cognizant of the client's wiring and drawing documentation methods. Electrical Engineering personnel are experienced in the following applications and services:

  • Substation design including conceptual and final design
  • Grounding design
  • Electrical distribution design
  • Cathodic protection
  • Equipment sizing and selection
  • Equipment protection
  • Industrial battery sizing and replacement
  • Short circuit studies on radial systems
  • Load flow studies on radial systems
  • Coordination studies on radial systems
  • Degraded grid analysis for nuclear plants
  • Light and power in commercial buildings
  • Transformer replacements
  • Large breaker replacements
  • Electric freeze protection
  • Electrical modifications in the commercial nuclear industry observing applicable IEEE standards and general design criteria
  • Cogeneration paralleling with utilites
  • Facilities upgrades
  • Development of as-built drawings, schematics, external wiring diagrams, internal wiring diagrams, high tension diagrams, one-line diagrams, three line diagrams, physical drawings, material lists, cable schedules, and raceway schedules to support any design work.
  • Development of electrical installation and testing specifications
  • Electrical field support
  • Decommissioning a commerical nuclear plant
  • Electrical interface for steam generator replacement in a commerical nuclear plant

In the area of Instrumentation & Controls, personnel support all I&C requirements for multi-discipline projects. Communication and control logic design is the responsibility of I&C personnel after interfacing with the proper discipline such as mechanical, HVAC, and electrical. I&C engineers and designers conceptualize the optimum scheme for each application, from a simple open loop control to a complex distributed control system (DCS). Control panel ergonomic layout and design is also the responsibility of the I&C engineer. I&C personnel are also experienced in specialty applications and services such as the following:

  • Motor controls design
  • Fan/blower control design
  • Breaker control design
  • Protective relaying design
  • Boiler/steam generator control design
  • Pilot wire design
  • Fire protection control system design
  • Communication systems that transmit indication and control functions between remote locations and a master station
  • PLC controls
  • Flow, level, temperature, and pressure instrumentation loop design
  • Equipment selection
  • SCADA systems
  • Development of logic diagrams, loop diagrams, P&ID drawings, physicals drawings, isometrics, material lists to support any design work
  • Development of I&C installation and testing specifications
  • Human factors design for the commercial nuclear industry
  • Preparing calibration data sheets, channel uncertainty and setpoint calculation for the commercial nuclear industry utilizing applicable ISA standards.
  • Technical consultant on reactor protection systems for the commercial nuclear industry
  • Interfacing with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on various I&C topics in the commercial nuclear industry

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