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Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Installation of New Series Reactor and Breaker Position for Feeder #15505 at East 179th Street Substation. BGA, LLC prepared an installation package for the removal of the existing disconnect switch, and installation of a new 138kV Series Reactor and bypass circuit breaker with associated disconnects and all support systems associated with the new equipment in connection with Feeder #15055 at the East 179th Street Substation. This project also included the design of a new foundations below and above grade for a new reactor deluge house in support of the new reactor fire protection/suppression system.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - First Avenue Steam Tunnel Appurtenances and Steam Mains. This project consisted of the engineering and design of the upper sections of the new steam tunnel under 1st Avenue between 20th and 36th Streets, and associated steam piping in Manhattan, New York. Con Edison is in the process of constructing a new steam tunnel from 20th Street to 36th Street under First Avenue in Manhattan. The purpose of the tunnel and this project is to extend the steam mains from the East River Generating Station to 38th Street and First Avenue to replace existing steam production facilities being removed from service. As part of the project Con Edison plans to construct new tunnel head structures to allow the new steam mains to enter the tunnel, to provide ventilation of the tunnel structure and to provide flood control of the tunnel Additionally, new steam mains will be installed from the tie in point near 19th Street to the tunnel head and from 36th Street to the existing steam mains at 38th Street. BGA's scope of work was to provide engineering and design services to prepare the necessary documents consisting of drawings and specifications for the construction of the new head structures, associated systems and steam mains, and to provide construction support services.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - East River Replacement of 60 Fuel Gas Panel. Con Edison replaced their existing Boiler 60 Fuel Gas Panel with a programmable controller. This effort included providing UPS power to the new PLC, modification of the trip circuit to account for the UPS power supply, and review of the alarm set points. The panel was relocated to an area that provided better access and where it would not be affected by water and/or steam. All new wiring was run from the field devices to the cabinet then to the Control Room.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Modify South Steam Station Controls to 3-Element at East River. BGA installed a three-element control system on 5 boilers (#115 through #119). Previously, a 2-element control system was in place consisting of drum level and steam flow. The third element was to be feedwater flow rate to the boilers. All of the boilers are located on the 80' Elevation. Feedwater is supplied to the boiler through a 4' diameter pipe that is fed from an 8' diameter header. Con Edison requested that an orifice plate be located on the vertical section of the 4' diameter pipe, upstream of the control valve, and a flow transmitter local to the feed water piping be provided. The output of the flow transmitter now runs to a cabinet where the existing two elements are terminated. An identical installation was required for each of the five boilers. Each transmitter output was required to be run to one of four cabinets. Two cabinets were located on the 80' Elevation and two were located on 38' Elevation.

Consolidated Edison, New York, NY - Installation of New Series Reactors and Breaker Positions for Feeders #71 and #72 at Dunwoodie Substation. BGA performed engineering and design services for the preparation of an installation package for installation of the new 345kV series reactors and associated disconnect switches, bypass circuit breakers, and disconnect switches associated with the new equipment in connection with Feeders #71 and #72. Foundations were designed for the below and above ground electrical equipment, and a foundation for a new reactor deluge house was required in support of the new reactor fire protection/suppression system.

PPL, Brunner Island, Mercury Reduction System - BGA was contracted to act as the owner’s engineer for the installation of a mercury reduction system at a site of three coal fired power plants. As part of their emissions control strategy, the client was installing a first of its kind, state of the art technology. BGA was to provide electrical, structural, mechanical, and I&C engineering and design to interface the vendors system with the site. BGA provided project management, engineering and field support for this project.

PPL, Montour, SBS Enhancements Study - An SO3 reduction system at a coal fired, two unit site was costly to maintain and was manpower intensive. PPL was to initiate a study to determine ways to improve system reliability, thereby reducing maintenance costs. BGA was tasked with providing support and direction for all phases of the study including: system review and idea generation, test planning and execution, vendor communication and coordination, report generation, and report presentation.

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