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BGA’s Mechanical department consists of Engineers, Designers, and Drafters with diverse backgrounds, but a common commitment to providing quality work. Whether the project is a small as-built of some existing equipment or a large project laying out thousands of feet of piping and pipe supports, the project receives the same quality personnel and workmanship.

BGA utilizes 3D modeling software and stress analysis software to engineer and design piping systems for any system from water supply and drains up to high energy steam and process systems. Pipe sizing through pressure drop and wall thickness calculations support the physical layout and space planning. Coordination with the supporting structure creates a cost effective, efficient piping and pipe support layout.

Our HVAC engineers perform calculations on new and existing building and facilities to determine the base requirements for systems. Working with this information in addition to client needs, code requirements, physical constraints, and other considerations, we design the HVAC that best meets the demands of the conditioned environment.

BGA has recently become involved in emissions control systems at various power plants. This work includes integration of new systems into existing plants, evaluation of maintenance and operation activities, and cost benefit analysis of replacement systems. We are involved in the projects as much as the client requires. We can merely provide manpower for the evaluation or we can provide complete project management and oversight up through the finished product.

Our design department can create shop drawings of HVAC and plumbing systems in support of our contractor clients. These can be stand alone drawings or a piece of the coordination drawings for a project. We work closely with the contractor’s installation team to create accurate drawings that can be built. Field inspections including physical measurements are included even in new construction.

BGA provides a very diverse experience base that allows us to pursue wide range of projects. Our strong commitment to our clients ensures that they receive the product they want in a timely, cost effective manner and at a consistently high quality level.

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