Services - Mechanical

The Mechanical Engineering Department provides a complete range of engineering and design services for cogeneration, nuclear and fossil power, process, and industrial installations. These include:

  • Feasibility Studies including heat balances, flow diagrams and economic evaluations.
  • Conceptual Design Studies.
  • Development of mechanical systems processes and schematics.
  • Selection, sizing, specifying and performing technical evaluations of mechanical equipment and specialty items.
  • Equipment and machinery arrangement studies and preparation of arrangement and detailed installation drawings.
  • Piping system engineering and design including the preparation of Piping and Instrument Diagrams, piping, valve and specialty specifications, point-to-point pressure drop calculations, detailed composite piping plan and sectional drawings, pipe support qualifications, isometric drawings and sketches for shop fabrication and field erection as well as detailed material lists.
  • Piping system stress analysis and component finite element analysis.
  • Welding and metallurgical evaluations.
  • Complete engineering and design of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems for environmental, industrial, and comfort control applications in industrial, fossil and nuclear environments.
  • Detailed layout drawings, fabrication drawings and Bill of Materials.
  • Evaluation of plant, equipment and piping systems for maintenance programs and for life extension considerations.
  • Compliance issue resolution in accordance with Federal standards and applicable codes.
  • Independent design reviews.

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