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BGA presents the latest technologies (attached with incentives) requiring little or no Capital to achieve the highest quality of safety and environmental responsibility for Industrial & Corporate Facilities, Residential Buildings, Municipalities & Schools.

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SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC (PV) SYSTEMS producing clean on-site electricity. We provide specific PV types according to the application. Our associates provide a full range of services including design, supply, manufacturing, installation, and development of complete turnkey packages.

EMERGENCY POWER SYSTEMS to provide peace of mind for building managers and building occupants. Through our expert team, we can design, install, finance and maintain emergency generators.

COGENERATION SYSTEMS (natural gas-fired) for small & medium size facilities which are the most efficient, practical & successful distributed generation applications commercially available today. Our experienced professionals (former utility managers) will interface with all parties involved in the process of providing energy to offset part or all existing grid supplied power. We also repair existing systems. Our financial solutions can provide no upfront costs and positive cash flow from day one.

CHILLED WATER SERVICES is a unique way to replace chillers and absorbers. For a building owner whose chiller plant is nearing the end of its useful life, we will replace it for no upfront costs, own and maintain the system under a long-term service agreement in association with Con Edison Solutions (CES). Benefits include: lower operating costs, transfer risk of construction, maintenance and performance to CES and transferring the risk of energy-related investments to energy professionals.

EXPERTISE IN SALES, INSTALLATION & SERVICE of Heat Exchangers, Feed-Water Heaters, Fuel Oil Preheaters, Heat Recovery Exchangers, Liquid/Vapor Separators & Exhaust Head, Instantaneous Heaters and Unfired Steam Generators.

MICROTURBINES coupled with absorption chillers is a unique technology creating electricity plus hot and cold water. The result is a highly efficient total building power and comfort generation system.

All of the above technologies are expertly designed, engineered, installed, financed and maintained through BGA Engineering & its partners in manufacturing, construction & financial institutions.

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