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BGA offers several services for our clients in the Power Industry. We provide Design and Engineering services for all types of projects from the design of new substations down to simple retrofit and life extension designs.

When these systems are being installed BGA offers field services to ensure that the systems we engineering have been installed per our plans. We also provide support to Operations and Maintenance staffs to help them set up programs to properly operate and up keep their new systems.

Some Highlights include:

  • The design of new substations in New York
  • The design of new power plants in New York
  • The design of Solar Panels for commercial clients in New Jersey
  • The design of Diesel and Gas Generators
  • The design of Steam Piping
  • The design of Boiler Emission Reduction systems
  • The replacement of High Voltage Breakers and Transformers
  • The installation of new structural supports and foundation to support new equipment being installed
  • The design of custom cranes, wenches and lifts
  • The design of Oil Water Separators
  • The design of Relay Protection schemes
  • Retrofitting power plant control systems to allow for the implementation of a DCS systems

BGA has provided Engineering and Design services for the power industry for over 10 years. In that time we have provided every kind of service imaginable in the following disciplines:

  • Architectural
  • Civil / Structural
  • Electrical / Instrumentation and Controls
  • Mechanical / Piping / HVAC

BGA’s Staff has expertise in providing design and engineering services for new generating facilities, as well as experience in the modification and upgrade of existing facilities, to keep fossil, hydro and nuclear plants operating at peak efficiency.

Some of our engineers have expertise in equipment and operating issues from complex areas such as relay protection to specific areas such as boiler control systems.

Our focus in design and engineering is to provide our clients with a working facility and installation procedure that allows for minimal disruption to plant activities.

We work closely with our client’s engineering staff to ensure that our projects meet our clients’ needs, while maintaining the schedule and adhering to the budget.

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